Photography Courses Online and in Glasgow and Central Scotland

[three_fourth][blockquote align=”left” cite=”Henri Cartier-Bresson”]”It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.”[/blockquote]

When it comes to photography courses we believe the best learning environment comes from individual, person centred learning. 

As such we keep our class sizes small to ensure we can tailor our teaching methods to suit all levels of photographer.

If you take join a photography course with Dreghorn Photography you will enjoy:

  • Small Class sizes: Groups of 6-12 students for focussed, individual learning
  • Custom made syllabus: high quality level of teaching taking photography students from beginner through to advanced and professional level.
  • Experience: Our expert tutor has over 10 years experience as a tutor and working professional photographer.
  • Online Courses Available Perfect for students anywhere in the world or restricted by Covid-19.
  • Hands on learning: A perfect blend of theory and practice, refined by years of development in our workshops and courses.
  • Open to all: From beginners to experienced hobbyists and pro photographers, we have learning options for all levels.
  • Individual Tuition: Personalised learning, arranged at a time and location to suit you and customized to meet your exact requirements.
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    Dreghorn Photography Tutor

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    The ongoing Covid-19 situation has had a major impact on our ability to run courses.  As of Phase 3 we are able to begin courses again, but please note the following:

    Outdoor Courses
    – Will begin again from August, with the following restrictions:
    – Class sizes will be reduced within stated guidelines.
    – All attendees must bring a mask and sanitiser and respect social distancing guidelines.
    – Recommendations will change as the situation and government advise evolve.

    Classroom courses
    – Will be online until Phase 4 is reached.
    – Online meeting setup guides will be provided in advance of each class.
    – Beginners classroom courses will now be split in to 2x two hour sessions.

    Individual Tuition
    – Bookings available from August 1st 2020.
    – Restrictions as above for practical and classroom tutorials respectively.

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    [framed_box width="80%" bgColor="rgba(199,199,199,1)" borderColor="#000000"]Photographs preserve key moments in your life: from your child’s first steps to a dramatic foreign landscape: you can turn any snapshot into something spectacular with just a little extra knowledge.

    Visit the links below for course details.
    To discuss your learning journey please contact us on 07974 658 295
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    [content_box icon="camera" icon_color="#000000" title="Course Progression" titleBgColor="rgba(245,245,245,1)" rounded="true"] We have designed our courses to lead in to one another, so we can take you all the way through the development of your skills - From beginner through to experienced amateur or even professional.

    We have over 25 courses and experiences to choose from, so it can be hard to know where to start.
    For your convenience we have broken down the courses into clear categories to suit whichever level of experience and interest you are at.

    [divider_padding] [divider_line] [process_steps type="horizontal" size="small" number="5"] [process_step title="Beginners" icon="picture-o" icon_color="#ffe799" link="http://teaching.dreghorn-photography.co.uk/index.php/beginners-photography-courses/"] Suitable for you if you are completely new to photography, or looking for a refresher on the basics.
    [/process_step] [process_step title="Introductory" icon="picture-o" icon_color="#ffd373" link="http://teaching.dreghorn-photography.co.uk/index.php/introductory-courses/"] These courses are designed for you if you have some basic practical experience using the camera, and would like to learn more creative techniques.
    [/process_step] [process_step title="Intermediate" icon="picture-o" icon_color="#ff7373" link="http://teaching.dreghorn-photography.co.uk/index.php/intermediate-courses/"] If you are an experienced hobbyist who is comfortable with the basic exposure settings, our Intermediate courses will help you move on to the next level.
    [/process_step] [process_step title="Advanced" icon="picture-o" icon_color="#baa6ce" link="http://teaching.dreghorn-photography.co.uk/index.php/advanced-courses/"] Our Advanced classes teach you creative techniques and specialist subjects. If you would like to take one of these courses you should have a firm grasp of your camera’s functions.
    [/process_step] [process_step title="Special" icon="picture-o" icon_color="#668cff" link="http://teaching.dreghorn-photography.co.uk/index.php/special-courses/"] Special courses at Dreghorn Photography are unique courses based around specific subjects and special events.
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    You can find a full list of our available courses on our course directory and progression page.

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