Advanced Portrait Courses

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Advanced Photography Courses

Our Advanced level photography courses will teach you specialised photographic techniques for particular situations and genres of photography. You will learn how to work with your subject and environment as well as with your camera’s settings. You will also gain detailed knowledge of particular specialisations within photography.
Our Advanced level courses are delivered in different ways depending on the subject matter. The methodology we use will be tailored to provide the best learning environment for the material. Please refer to the specific course descriptions for more information.

These courses are designed for those with a firm grasp of their camera’s functions, who are comfortable with full manual control of the camera and are looking to learn new creative techniques or increase their knowledge of a specialist subject.

An Advanced level course is recommended if you are progressing from one of our Intermediate level courses, or if you have significant practical experience of photography, full working knowledge of your camera and full understanding of manual controls.


Advanced Portraiture Courses

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Full Day
Portrait & Fashion Photography Workshop

Price: £125

Whether you’re working with models, clients or your friends and family it’s essential that your portraits capture the spirit of your subject and show them at their best.  There’s a lot of things to consider to ensure your pictures come out the best, and our full day portraiture workshop will teach you everything you need to know.

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  • Posing & Directing: How to work with your subject to ensure they stand correctly, all while keeping a natural pose.
  • See the light: Tips for natural light and off camera flash, ensuring that whatever the whether you produce striking images.
  • Location Location: How to find a good location, what to look out for and how to work around common problems.
  • Sourcing: Learn how to source model to practice your craft.
  • Post Production: Edit to success, tips and tricks for improving your images in Photoshop.

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Sunday 12th May 2020 10am-6pm

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Four Hour Lighting for Studio Portraiture

Price: £90

[one_half] An introduction for those with limited or no experience of studio photography. Taking place in a professional photography studio this hands on course will teach students how to use studio lighting and light shaping tools.
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  • Work with a professional model
  • Practical experience in a professional studio
  • Learn the fundamentals of light
  • Examples of creative lighting setups

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Sunday 16th February 2020 10am-2pm
Saturday 23rd May 2020 12pm-4pm
Sunday 22nd November 2020 2pm-6pm



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[tab icon=”camera” icon_color=”#000000″ title=”Off Camera Flash Photography Course” anchor=”OCF”] [content_box icon=”camera” icon_color=”#000000″ title=”Four Hour Off Camera Flash Photography Course” titleBgColor=”rgba(245,245,245,1)” titleTextColor=”rgba(0,0,0,1)” rounded=”true”] Advanced Photography Course - Off Camera Flash

Four Hour Off Camera Flash Photography Course

Price: £90

[one_half] A flashgun is a wonderful thing, getting it off the camera allows you to make the most out of it.  Whether you are looking to learn some portraiture skills or try your hand at some still life this course will teach you essential techniques for great photos.

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  • How To: Learn how to get your flash off camera.
  • Flash Power: Metering techniques and TTL modes.
  • Light Shaping: Improving your subject with flash.
  • Creative Techniques: For landscape and portraiture

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Saturday 29th August 2020 10am-2pm

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Four Hour Natural Light Portraiture Course

Price: £90


Portraiture is one of the most popular areas of photography, from beautiful outdoor locations to simple indoor photos.  This course will teach you to harness the power of the sun to create stunning portraits.  Learn how to use the weather, pick the ideal location and work with your subject to improve your images, requiring nothing more complex than your camera, the sun and some good advice.

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  • Camera Skills: Know the right lenses, the right settings and the right techniques..
  • Lighting Tips: Learn how, where and when to take advantage of the sun for the best effects.
  • Posing Tips: Get the best from your subject, getting the best from confident models and helping shyer subjects come out of their shell.
  • Portfolio Building: We will be working with a professional model, ensuring you have fantastic images to share.

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Saturday 29th August 2020 3pm-7pm

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