Advanced Night Courses

Advanced Courses

Advanced - Photo by Ally Rowan on Natural Light Portraiture

Advanced - Photograph by Brian Tennant on Lighting for Studio Portraiture

Advanced - Photograph by Richard Wilson on Macro Photography

Advanced - Photograph by John Cumming on a Portraiture tutorial

Advanced - Photograph by Donna Anderson on Light Trails Photography

Advanced - Photo by Angela McLachlan on Lighting for Studio Portraiture

Advanced - Photo by Pauline Downey on Night Light Trails

Advanced Courses

Our Advanced level photography courses will teach you specialised photographic techniques for particular situations and genres of photography. You will learn how to work with your subject and environment as well as with your camera’s settings. You will also gain detailed knowledge of particular specialisations within photography.
Our Advanced level courses are delivered in different ways depending on the subject matter. The methodology we use will be tailored to provide the best learning environment for the material. Please refer to the specific course descriptions for more information.

These courses are designed for those with a firm grasp of their camera’s functions, who are comfortable with full manual control of the camera and are looking to learn new creative techniques or increase their knowledge of a specialist subject.

An Advanced level course is recommended if you are progressing from one of our Intermediate level courses, or if you have significant practical experience of photography, full working knowledge of your camera and full understanding of manual controls.

Advanced Night Courses

Four Hour Astro Photography Course

Four Hour Astro Photography Course

Price: £90

Night and astro photography techniques allow you to create stunning photos of the night sky and capture images in total darkness.  You will learn how to take pictures of the moon and stars, and use the limited light from the moon to make startling and unique landscapes.

  • Capturing the moon.
  • Telescope mounted astrophotography.
  • Bulb Exposures: Star trails, landscapes and understanding reciprocity.
  • Post-Production Techniques: Long exposure image stacking and common challenges in astrophotography.

Saturday 29th February 2020 7pm-11pm
Saturday 13th November 2020 7pm-11pm

Four Hour Night Light Trails Course
Advanced Courses - Four Hour Night Light Trails

Four Hour Night Light Trails Course

Price: £90

During this course you will capture light trails in the city’s streets and roads, as well as exploring creative techniques using long exposures and flash.
You will learn how to take correctly-exposed images at night using long exposures, capture scenes using bulb exposures, and understand the concept of reciprocity.

  • Long Exposures photography.
  • Bulb Mode & manual exposures.
  • Light Painting – 3D light sculptures.
  • Know your kit: intervalometer & accessories.

Saturday 18th January 2020 6pm-10pm
Saturday 19th December 2020 6pm-10pm

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