Photography Experiences

Photography Experiences

Tutored Photography Experiences

Have a great day out with a guided tour and learn some photography while you’re there!

Our photography experiences will give photographers exclusive access to beautiful locations or unique subjects, all under the guidance of our expert tutor.  These outings are suitable for photographers and enthusiasts of all levels.

From the smallest water droplet to the distant starts, our experiences cover a wide range of photography genres and subjects including:

  • Landscape Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Astro Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Macro Photography
  • Street Photography

  • Take a look at our listings below, and join us for a great fun day out and a chance to improve your photography knowledge.

    Astrophotography Taster Evening

    Price: £30

    Learn to navigate the night sky and capture the stars with our astrophotography taster evening.

    We will travel to a dark sky location and look up to experience the stars.  Capture the constellations, experiment with star trails and get to grips with the cosmos as your tutor advises you on how best to capture the night sky.

    Note: Due to the nature of this subject, experience dates may be subject to change due to weather.

    Photography Experiences - Astrophotography Taster
    Saturday 21st April 2018 2130 -2330

    Astrophotography Observatory Evening

    Price: £40

    See the night sky like never as we visit a professional observatory.  Learn about the cosmos with a short presentation, then see it for yourself as we make use of the telescope to spot objects in the night sky and photograph them.

    Note: Due to the nature of this subject, experience dates may be subject to change due to weather.

    21 EDW Edinburgh Walking Tour
    Sunday 13th May 2018 2200 – 0000 Spaces Available

    Dawn Chorus Wildlife Photography

    Price: £30

    Observe wildlife, learn all the essential techniques for wildlife photography and take stunning images of local and visiting animals.

    We will travel to a wildlife reserve where you can learn all the techniques you need while spotting and photographing all the varied wildlife in an accessible location.

    A local ranger will act as your guide, telling you all will need to know to spot animals in their natural habitats, and our experienced tutor will offer tips to make the most of your pictures.

    Special Courses - Wildlife Photography
    Saturday 12th May 2018 0600 – 0900 Spaces Available

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