Photography Experiences

Photography Experiences

Tutored Photography Experiences

Have a great day out with a guided tour and learn some photography while you’re there!

Our photography experiences will give photographers exclusive access to beautiful locations or unique subjects, all under the guidance of our expert tutor.  These outings are suitable for photographers and enthusiasts of all levels.  Experiences are hands on practical events, with some tutoring but a stronger emphasis on hands on experience and Q&A.

From the smallest water droplet to the distant stars, our experiences cover a wide range of photography genres and subjects including:

  • Landscape Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Astro Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Macro Photography

  • Take a look at our listings below, and join us for a great fun day out and a chance to improve your photography knowledge.

    Red Squirrel Wildlife Photography

    Price: £30

    Adorable, iconic and elusive, red squirrels are a symbol of Scotland that every wildlife photographer wants to see.

    However these shy creatures are hard to find and even harder to photograph. Come join us on this photography experience where we’ll give you some tips on how to capture perfect squirrel and other wildlife shots.

    Saturday 27th October 2018 1500 – 1800

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    Edinburgh Fringe Photography Tour Walking Photography Course


    Where will the course be taking place?
    We’ll be heading up to Aberfoyle for the afternoon, to a wildlife reserve with an excellent Red Squirrel hide.

    What if it rains?
    The hide is covered on 3 sides, so unless it’s a terrible storm we should be out of the worst of it.  We still recommend good boots and waterproofs for all attendees.

    What will the experience involve?
    Photography experienced are hands on oppurtunities with some light tutoring.  The focus will be on photographing red squirrels, however the area also has many species of bird including woodpeckers.

    What will we learn?
    We’ll cover important wildlife photography techniques such as shutter speed, focussing and anticipating the subject.

    What kit will I need?
    An SLR or bridge camera with a telephoto lens is a must, as the animals are close but are quite small.

    Are we guaranteed to see squirrels?
    As with all wildlife photography there are no guarantees as these are wild animals.  However the park rangers are confident they are in residents and I’ve never been dissapointed by a visit.

    How do I arrange transport?
    We will be meeting at the nature reserve so driving is recommended.  However if you take public transport there is a bus service to Aberfoyle.

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